Christian Burkhardt | Creator and Founder

The inspiration for COMA ORGANICS was brought alive shortly after Christian and his family immigrated from Germany.  Having been to Australia on a holiday, Christian and his wife fell in love with the energy and beauty of Australia. They decided this was the place for them to start a new chapter and follow their dream.

At the age of 34 Christian suddenly fell sick and was placed into a coma for several weeks. After waking up and returning to normal life, he suffered from nightmares and anxiety. Christian started searching for the deeper meaning of his purpose on this earth and started looking for something to help him overcome this hurdle.

Growing up, a huge inspiration for natural medicine was his grandfather who was devoted to using the alternative and natural method of healing wounds or headaches. Christians passion for alternative medicine led him to study Naturopathy. Once he finished his degree, he devoted years to his research on the psychological influence of physical health. This research has proven that treating people with an emotional imbalance directly relates and reflects on their health and energy levels.

In 2001 Christian and his wife opened up a day spa in Adelaide with their own line of organic skin care. In 2005 he started to create his own homeopathic remedies that incorporate and consider the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Physics and ancient knowledge. Since then, these unique remedies have helped many people with anxiety, stress, obesity and other emotional imbalances.

Christian and his team are very passionate about their creations and are excited for you to experience the products they formulate and produce with love.