What do we mean by 'Emotional Health'

What do we mean by 'Emotional Health'

Pathways to Emotional Well-Being

Emotional health: it's a term that may seem hard to pin down, as its interpretation varies from person to person and across different cultures. It's the delicate equilibrium that interweaves the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual aspects of your life, influenced and enhanced by love, social connections, and a sense of belonging. Emotional health transcends simply enjoying life, extending to how we handle stress, cope with adversity, and manage the juggling act of life’s many facets.

When we are in a state of robust emotional health, we are better positioned to recognise and harness our unique strengths and talents. We are equipped to fully feel and express our emotional range, making us resilient in tackling life's challenges. Being "emotionally fit" equips us to regain our emotional balance, just as physical fitness aids recovery from illness or surgery.

Emotions, an integral part of our existence, are inherently subjective experiences that are evoked by external stimuli, tying back to our emotional memories. Feelings, however, are our personal reactions to these emotions, which can greatly vary among individuals.


Reframing thoughts to foster emotional health is a journey that COMA ORGANICS is dedicated to promoting. Emotional wellbeing, although a broad concept, is fundamental for everyday life. Initially, changing your pattern of response might demand substantial effort, but with time, these actions become more natural and automatic. Here are some key steps towards achieving emotional health:

Emotional Balance: Feeling alive, energetic, and finding meaning in life signifies emotional balance. An imbalance can make us feel overstimulated or depressingly under-stimulated. Emotional balance implies maintaining clarity and focus amid life's upheavals.

Harmonious Communication: By resonating with others' emotional states, we foster deeper, meaningful relationships. It encourages empathy, allowing us to understand others' perspectives.

Response Flexibility: The capacity to pause before responding is critical for emotional intelligence and wellbeing. This reflective gap helps consider diverse response options, preventing impulsive reactions.

Insight: Recognizing our present mental state and linking it to past experiences and future anticipations anchors us as the authors of our life story.

Moral Conscience: Behaviors promoting greater social wellbeing contribute to our emotional health. Reactive actions that disregard social consequences can be detrimental to our wellbeing.

Intuition: Tapping into our body's wisdom assists in making the best choices. Decisions often rely on both logical and intuitive processes.

Emotional wellbeing is deeply connected to our relationship with ourselves and others. Understanding these aspects can help identify areas for growth.

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