About Us

At Coma Organics, our mission is to empower your choices with our range of premium, natural products. Choose Coma Organics, and join us in our commitment to transform the world one organic choice at a time.

Meet Christian,

Life took an unexpected turn for me at 34 when I fell into a coma. Upon recovery, I was faced with unexpected life challenges which led me to the healing world of Naturopathy. This transformative period inspired the name of our company, 'Coma Organics'.

Coma Organics is more than a brand. It's a reflection of my journey, a testament to the healing power of nature, and our shared commitment to help you find balance and wellness.

Each product is crafted with heartfelt passion and care, carrying a piece of my heart in every creation.

"Transform the world one organic choice at a time with Coma Organics"

Christian Burkhardt, Founder

Our Story,

Born from a love for Australia's vibrant energy, Coma Organics was founded by Christian and his family after moving from Germany.

In 2002, they introduced an organic skincare line in Adelaide, driven by a mission to enhance well-being. By 2005, Christian was crafting homeopathic remedies, blending age-old wisdom with modern science to help restore emotional balance. Each creation, a labor of love, is designed for you to experience the transformative essence of Coma Organics. We invite you to join our journey towards a world filled with passion, purpose, and natural healing.

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Organic Products

  • Recyclable Packaging

  • Australian Made