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What makes Coma Organics products unique?

All our products are designed to nourish not only the body and skin but also the mind and soul. We believe that skin and mind are intimately connected, and
thus, our products offer an effective and natural way of emotional healing.

Each product is a blend of our passion for alternative medicine and deep understanding of the human body, promising an experience that truly makes a

Are Coma Organics products tested on animals?

At Coma Organics, our steadfast commitment is twofold: delivering powerfully effective products to our customers and honoring the sanctity of our environment. We reject the notion of animal testing, not just now, but always.

Our product development process is completely devoid of animal testing. We don't indulge in it, nor do we engage any external entities to perform such
activities on our behalf. Our past echoes this conviction, bearing testimony to our stance against animal testing throughout our history.

Our collaboration with ingredient suppliers is rooted in shared values. We make sure they comprehend our ethos and align with our policies, ensuring
every component in our products respects the same principles we stand for.

We're not just a brand, we're a movement for cruelty-free, effective, and environmentally conscious beauty.

Is Coma Organics vegan friendly?

Absolutely! At Coma Organics, we take pride in offering exclusively vegan-friendly products. Each item in our skincare and well-being line is formulated without the use of any animal-derived ingredients, aligning with our deep respect for all forms of life. This includes our Marine Collagen, which is obtained from algae rather than fish, ensuring we adhere to our commitment to vegan practices. Our dedication to vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products ensures
you can enjoy our offerings with the peace of mind that they respect all life and our planet's precious ecosystem.

Embrace the Coma Organics experience and join us in our journey towards a more compassionate world.

Are all products pregnancy safe?

Yes, indeed! At COMA ORGANICS, we understand the importance of safety, particularly
during such a special time as pregnancy. We want to assure all our customers that every product we offer on our website is considered safe for use during pregnancy.

Each ingredient is carefully selected and formulated to nourish both the body and soul without compromising the wellbeing of expectant mothers or their little ones.

However, we always recommend that you consult with your healthcare provider before adding any new products to your routine during pregnancy, as
individual responses can vary. Enjoy our natural, nurturing products with peace of mind during this beautiful journey of life.

How long before I start to see results?

The effectiveness of our products can differ based on the individual and the specific skin care or remedies used. The consistency of your self-care routine significantly influences the progress you'll see.

At Coma Organics, we believe in setting realistic expectations and then exceeding them. Therefore, we suggest a timeline of 2 to 4 months for your skin to transition from its current state to its best. For our vibrational remedies it should not take longer than 7 days to feel a difference.

You may notice improvements even earlier than this estimated timeframe.

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What are Vibrational Remedies?

Vibrational Remedies are products designed to help balance the body's energy fields or 'vibrations'. Our concept is based on the belief that all living beings, including humans, emit a vibrational energy field, and
that imbalances or disruptions in this energy field can lead to physical or emotional illness.

Vibrational remedies aim to restore harmony to these energy fields, helping to promote overall well-being.  The key idea is that the energy or 'vibration' of the substance can help to realign
the body's energy fields and promote well-being.

Please note: Always consult with a healthcare provider for medical advice.

What makes Coma Organics Remedies unique and effective?

Coma Organics Vibrational Remedies are perfectly safe and are designed to address imbalances in our emotional and spiritual realms, which often underpin our physical symptoms. By incorporating the philosophy of quantum physics, our remedies tap into the interconnected nature of all things, aiming to restore holistic well-being for the individual.

Our Vibrational Remedies are uniquely crafted using crystals and gemstones, frequencies of light and sound, and scalar energy. This approach reflects our understanding of the universe's quantum fabric, where energy and matter are deeply intertwined.

In comparison to other modalities such as herbal extracts, tinctures, and essential oils, our Vibrational Remedies have a distinct advantage. While
herbal remedies mostly work on the physical body and essential oils operate via the olfactory sense, our Vibrational Remedies work on a deeper level, addressing emotional imbalances and restoring equilibrium. They can be effectively used alongside other wellness practices, offering a comprehensive approach to
well-being that is deeply rooted in the principles of quantum physics.

How do I find the right remedy?

Choosing the right remedy from Coma Organics is a simple, goal-driven process. Start by
identifying what you wish to improve or achieve. Next, browse our remedies that align with your desired outcome. Each of our remedies lists its benefits and
the current life conditions it addresses. This information will help guide you to make the most suitable choice.

Your journey to wellness is just a few clicks away!

Can I use Coma Organics Remedies with children?

Coma Organics Vibrational Remedies serve as a potent, drug-free option for everyone in your household, including adults, kids, and even pets.

Remarkably, they often show rapid results in children and animals, who typically have fewer emotional barriers compared to adults.

Can I use more than one remedy at a time?

Yes, you can, but we advise not to exceed two or, at most, three remedies concurrently. We suggest designating one remedy as your primary solution, with one or two
others serving a supportive role. This approach allows each remedy to workoptimally.

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What Can I Expect Regarding Order Processing and Stock Availability

We are committed to processing your orders within a span of 24 to 48 hours from receipt. However, please be aware
that there may be instances where this timeframe could extend. In such cases, we promise to promptly notify you. We maintain a rigorous stock management system to ensure that all items you wish to order are available and ready for
processing. Despite our best efforts, human errors can occur, and on rare occasions, a product may unexpectedly be out of stock. We sincerely apologize
in advance for any such inconvenience and appreciate your understanding

Where do I get a discount code?

Stay in the loop with our latest deals and discounts by subscribing to our email newsletters. Additionally, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages, which serve as the primary channels for sharing our most recent promotions and special offer codes.

How do I apply a discount code?

You have two options to apply your discount code. Either enter it manually at the checkout or, if you have received an email with an 'Apply Code Now' button, simply click on it for the discount to be automatically applied.

How can I become a stockist for Coma Organics?

To apply for wholesale, navigate to the 'Wholesale' section on our website and complete the provided form by entering the required information. Once submitted, our team will reach out to you within a week.

Can I pay with a gift card?

Here at Coma Organics, we provide digital gift cards that can conveniently be applied towards your purchases at checkout.

Please note that if you have procured a voucher or gift card from one of our stockists, it must be redeemed at that specific stockist. These vouchers cannot be used as a payment method on our online platform.