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Navigating the tides of emotional turmoil and the difficulty in letting go can be daunting, especially when life's path is strewn with past wounds from relationships or situations. Our 'Detachment Remedy' is your lighthouse amid this storm, offering you an enlightened perspective.

This unique formula empowers you to stand back from past complexities, replacing personal anguish with objective understanding. As you unravel from excessive attachments, our remedy guides you towards mental lucidity, revealing pathways to healing solutions. By harmonising your cognitive and emotional realms, it cultivates a refreshing sense of neutrality.

Harness the transformative power of 'Detachment Remedy' to bring life into sharper focus, distilling your past experiences with a much-needed detachment, and illuminating your present and future with unrivaled clarity.


  • Creates a sense of freedom
  • Develops greater self-compassion
  • Enhances emotional understanding
  • Establishes healthy boundaries
  • Mental clarity
  • Protects from fears
  • Supports change and growth
  • Supports new beginnings

Current Life Conditions

  • Difficulty in letting go
  • Feeling ashamed
  • Feeling powerless
  • Feeling victimised
  • Feeling trapped
  • Issues with authorities
  • Too attached to situations
  • Wounded by relationships


Quantum Aqua, Grape Alcohol, Chrysoprase, Enhanced with various frequencies of Light, Sound and Scalar Energy

How To Use

Take undiluted 3 times daily 9 drops under the tongue until bottle is finished

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'I loved the impact this remedy had on me, it’s helping me move forward' - Michelle

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Detachment Remedy: Shift from personal anguish to clarity.