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Earth Essence Set

Earth Essence Set

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Nurture Your Nature

Journey to the heart of the Earth with our premium Earth Essence Set. We've meticulously crafted a trilogy of products to reconnect you with the planet's primal energy, restoring balance and inviting harmony.

Grounding Body Lotion: Delve into nature's embrace with our lotion, infused with earth-kissed botanicals that moisturise and ground your spirit, melting daily stresses.

Root Chakra Roll-On: A potent blend resonating with your base chakra. Roll on for an awakening alignment, linking you to your purpose and passion.

Grounding Remedy: Our elixir acts as an anchor, reconnecting you with the universe, bringing back balance when life pulls you astray.

Whether you're feeling adrift in a digital world, seeking deeper connections, or simply craving a touch of tranquillity, the Earth Essence Set is your answer.

Feel embraced by the nurturing heart of the planet, letting every application be an affirmation: You are grounded. You are connected. You belong.


  • Calms emotions
  • Enhances emotional resilience
  • Helps with manifestation
  • Re-energises emotions
  • Removes obstacles
  • Soothes an overactive mind
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Grounding reconnects you to the Earth's natural energy, promoting mental clarity and emotional stability.

Rooted, Balanced, Anchored

Discover the strength of the Earth's energy, achieving a state of inner harmony amidst life's challenges.